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What if I don't know my exact birth time?

Unfortunately, I do need your exact birth time to do a reading.  Contact me.  You can purchase a process called "rectification."  I will ask you a series of questions until we get as close to your birth time as possible.

Shipping or Email?

The webpage provider requires shipping details for all store app users, such as myself.  If your session or purchase does not require shipping you still need to fill that section out. Then select 'Email' as the delivery method.

When will I get my voice recording?;

You will receive your voice recording in an email within 7-10 business days. (Saturday and Sunday are the weekends)     

 i.e: If you make a purchase on a Saturday the first business day will not be until the following Monday.

What is cosmic coaching?

Cosmic coaching is a personal development concerned with reaching small goals and your full potential.  In my sessions, I use your birth chart and the current planetary transits.  I take a look at the planet's current influence on your life and guide you towards your goals.  I am here to help you, but you have to put in the work!

How do I donate for a session?

Occasionally I will have services that are donation based.  The webpage store app does not allow me to set prices for $0 that proceed to check out.  At check out, you can enter the Promo Code so that your total is $0.  At that point, you must return to the service's main page and click donate.  It must be done this way for inventory purposes. (Why not just set a price? See next question)


Some services might be donation based.  While practicing Astrology, I have learned that there are many people intrigued by this practice but common high prices for readings are not in their budget. Or perhaps they are curious but do not want to spend a substantial amount in unfamiliar territory. The donation option lets you set the price that you feel is right without judgment. This allows me to financially provide for my family but still serve my purpose in healing others.