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Through the use of the cosmos I will coach you through any goals in a fast and meaningful way.  I will help you envision clear solutions. 

⭐1 month for 3-20 minute phone calls or video chats (Google Hangouts, Facebook, or Instagram)

1st Call-  You will recieve a downloadable PDF guide.  We will go over your goals, concerns, questions etc.  Guided by the cosmos.

2nd Call- We will touch base on goals/intentions you set in 1st call session.  Go over questions you may have.  Guided by the cosmos.

3rd Call- We will discuss your progress or setbacks.  Wrap up or continue and purchase another session.  Guided by the cosmos.

⭐We will schedule our phone calls as needed per month

⭐If month expires and phone calls are not complete, we will continue until all phone sessions have taken place.

Cosmic Coaching

  • 3- 20 minute phone calls or video chats per month

  • Cancellations are accepted 24 hours after purchase.  There will be NO REFUNDS after that.